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NinjaHead 07/10/2015

The 'TeraTransfer and TeraDecal' Blueprint pack goes live today on the Unreal Marketplace!

To help you hit the ground running with the system, we've recorded a new 'Tips and Tricks' tutorial video.

Tips and TricksOverview

If you want a longer introduction then watch the longer version on YouTube

NinjaHead 14/07/2015

Introducing some Utility Blueprints for Unreal Engine 4.8+ which greatly simplify the process of decorating and making levels feel unique.

TeraTransfer and TeraDecal Blueprint pack



If you want a longer introduction then watch the longer version on YouTube

NinjaHead 13/04/2015

The weather may be getting warmer, but the Ninjas are all bundled up!
IndieGala are featuring them as part of their weekly bundle!

Grab a copy while you can at: indieGala

Go-Ninja-Go! :)

NinjaHead 20/01/2015

We're happy to announce that Call of the Ninja is now available on Steam. Go-Ninja-Go! :)

NinjaHead 28/11/2014
We're pleased to announce that the Sci-Fi novel 'The Voran Incident' is now
live on the Amazon website and available for the Kindle platform.

Aimed at young readers from 10 years and up, it tells the story of a lone A.I on a
crippled starship, that after receiving a distress call from a strange alien race,
undertakes one last rescue mission. But all is not as it seems... 
Voran Book Cover

Check it out on the
Amazon Kindle Store!
$2.99 / 1.99


NinjaHead 20/01/2014

                                                          Now available!

Purchase Single Developer Licence: 50 / $80

Download Non-Commercial Version

NinjaHead 01/04/2014
TeraIDE is now available!
It also has a non-commercial license that enables anyone to download and develop using TeraIDE as long as they don't profit from the release. If you do eventually decide to sell your game, simply purchase a Commercial License for TeraIDE first. Simple. :)

NinjaHead 02/12/2013
TeraIDE is in Open Beta.

Call of the Ninja Now Available
NinjaHead Download
                  PC / Mac Demo

NinjaHead 06/11/2013
TeraIDE is now on Steam Greenlight!

Our new project to make Unreal Script easier to code in has been unleashed on Steam Greenlight!
Would you like to make the power of UDK bow to your will? Vote below:

NinjaHead 01/05/2013
We regret to announce that Dark Recall is currently on hold while the project spec is being rebooted. 
Thank you for your support so far, we look forward to bringing the game to you once the new direction is finalised.

NinjaHead 08/11/2012
Call of the Ninja is now on Steam Greenlight!

The Ninjas have sneeked in to the new Steam community initiative Greenlight!
Would you like to see your favourite Ninjas on Steam? Vote below:

NinjaHead 24/07/2012
Dark Recall now has its own page along with a couple of Videos to show the menu system and a short gameplay clip. Check it out!

More information on availability as the development progresses. Watch this space!
(well, ok, come back and check it later ;)

NinjaHead 19/06/2012
Now that the Ninjas are out in the wild, it's a good time to announce that a new project is underway!
The working title is "Dark Recall" and is a futuristic adventure game set in a colony in deep space.
As you might guess Amaya is the character you control in the game, and a mini icon of her can be seen to the left (don't strain your eyes :).

Currently in the 'Alpha' development stage, more details to come fairly soon.

The Ninjas have now sneaked onto the Mac App store!

You can now have the game delivered directly to your Mac desktop with Ninja-like efficiency!!
Ok, now I'm going to have to give up slicing apples with my Katana. :)

Another review has been posted online for 'Call of the Ninja'. :)

Sean at has been spending some quality time perfecting his Ninja skills!

Demo downloads are now backed by cloud based file hosting, so should be nice and quick without impacting the bandwidth of the website.

Mac users should download the latest demo / full build which for the majority of users, simply fixes some minor issues with the OSX build of the game, but for some people, would end up crashing the game :-/

Obviously I have been spending too much time slicing Apples with my Katana and not enough programming them!

There have been a couple of reviews posted online of 'Call of the Ninja'. :)

One at and one at BulletReviews
But nothing escapes the Ninja Eyes of TeraBit Software!

They both mentioned that 'Call of the Ninja' is too difficult for mere mortals to complete...
One example was the level 'Lake Run-For-It!'... Ah! really!... just have to be..a..Ninja!..... ;)

To celebrate the new release 1.1, Call of the Ninja is currently on sale for a limited time!
So if you've been holding off purchasing your copy, now is the time to take a look.

Currently the full game is available for 4.99 GBP / $8.85 USD inc. for both PC and Mac OSX.
So why not take the plunge!

Bandwidth was getting tight on the hosting provider (lots of downloads), so to keep things sharp and responsive on the site I have changed the demo downloads to link to the files on ''.
This should provide a better experience when downloading.

The links in the registration for the full game, however, are still valid and will remain local.

Call of the Ninja 1.1 is now up and avilable for download.
This update introduces a new level to replace one that wasn't working so well!

It also re-builds the tutorial portion of the game (levels 1-8) and adds a more challenging level to the demo (otherwise you could think that all the levels are like the introductory ones!)

It also fixes a bug where high scores were not saved when you completed a level, but then exited.
You can also now restart the level at any time by pressing 'Esc' once or exit by pressing again.

You can download the full update from your registration email link, or download the demo.

Call of the Ninja 1.0 is now available!

Guide your troop of ninjas to the Dojo in this fun puzzle platformer over the course of 30 Levels!

Call of the Ninja Menu

Check out the 'Call of the Ninja homepage!