NinjaHead 09/02/2017

Website resdesign is now up and live on,
so you shouldn't need to update your bookmarks. Contact panel is also up and running!

NinjaHead 07/10/2015

The 'TeraTransfer and TeraDecal' Blueprint pack goes live today on the Unreal Marketplace!

To help you hit the ground running with the system, we've recorded a new 'Tips and Tricks' tutorial video.

Tips and TricksOverview

If you want a longer introduction then watch the longer version on YouTube

NinjaHead 14/07/2015

Introducing some Utility Blueprints for Unreal Engine 4.8+ which greatly simplify the process of decorating and making levels feel unique.

TeraTransfer and TeraDecal Blueprint pack



If you want a longer introduction then watch the longer version on YouTube

NinjaHead 13/04/2015

The weather may be getting warmer, but the Ninjas are all bundled up!
IndieGala are featuring them as part of their weekly bundle!

Grab a copy while you can at: indieGala

Go-Ninja-Go! :)

NinjaHead 20/01/2015

We're happy to announce that Call of the Ninja is now available on Steam.

Full Steam Ahead! :)

NinjaHead 28/11/2014
We're pleased to announce that the Sci-Fi novel 'The Voran Incident' is now
live on the Amazon website and available for the Kindle platform.

Aimed at young readers from 10 years and up, it tells the story of a lone A.I on a
crippled starship, that after receiving a distress call from a strange alien race,
undertakes one last rescue mission. But all is not as it seems... 
Voran Book Cover

Check it out on the
Amazon Kindle Store!
$2.99 / £1.99

NinjaHead 20/01/2014

Now available!

Download Non-Commercial Version

NinjaHead Call of the Ninja Now Available


NinjaHead 01/05/2013
We regret to announce that Dark Recallis currently on hold while the project spec is being rebooted. 
Thank you for your support so far, we look forward to bringing the game to you once the new direction is finalised.

NinjaHead 08/11/2012
Call of the Ninja is now on Steam Greenlight!

The Ninjas have sneeked in to the new Steam community initiative Greenlight!
Would you like to see your favourite Ninjas on Steam? Vote below:

NinjaHead 24/07/2012
Dark Recall now has its own section along with a couple of Videos to show the menu system and a short gameplay clip. Check it out!

More information on availability as the development progresses. Watch this space!
(well, ok, come back and check it later ;)

NinjaHead 19/06/2012
Now that the Ninjas are out in the wild, it's a good time to announce a new project that is underway!
The working title is "Dark Recall". It is a futuristic adventure game set in a deep space colony.

Currently in the early 'Alpha' development stage, more details to come soon.

There have been a couple of reviews posted online of 'Call of the Ninja'. :)

But nothing escapes the Ninja Eyes of TeraBit Software!

Both reviews mentioned that 'Call of the Ninja' is too difficult for mere mortals to complete!
One example was the level 'Lake Run-For-It!'... Oh really!...

Perhaps... One merely needs to be a... Ninja! ;)

Call of the Ninja 1.0 is now available!

Guide your troop of ninjas to the Dojo in this fun puzzle platformer over the course of 30 Levels!

Call of the Ninja Menu

Call of the Ninja!

Call of the Ninja is a strategy platform game with a touch of puzzle game thrown in!
Your task is to guide your troop of Ninjas to the Dojo using the available Ninja abilities to overcome obstacles along the way.

Playing the Game

Ninjas appear at the Ying/Yang symbol and begin walking.
As they approach obstacles, Click-Drag & Drop the green ninja ability
discs from the power bar in the status area at the bottom of the screen.

As the ninjas reach the disc, they perform the ability you have chosen.
Choose well and they will continue on the path to the Dojo.

The more ninjas that get to the Dojo and the shorter the time, the higher your score will be.
Collect Shurikens along the way! If you collect five of them, you can click them
(located above the clock) and enter a slow motion
'Arrow Time', perfect for setting up those tricky maneuvers!

At any time you can 'left click' on a ninja to send them back to the start,
or 'right click' to disqualify them in a puff of ninja smoke.

The first ten levels are designed to teach you how to use each of the Ninja abilities,
on their own intially, then in increasingly complex combinations.

Thirty levels plus a level editor will challenge your Ninja skills to the limit!

Dare you answer the Call of the Ninja!

Dark Recall

Concept Overview
In the year 2076 as mankind's resources dwindled, they began desperately reaching out to the stars in order to find a new home.

Rapid advances in star-drive technology opened the way to the settlement and colonisation of other planets.

Hundreds of worlds were identified as being able to support human life and, as the technology to do so became ever more common place, more and more ordinary people began heading out into the void to find another home for themselves amidst distant stars.

The Hyden star system, on the outer reaches of mankinds exploratory missions, boasted a single habitable world, rich in rare metals and other mineral wealth, but otherwise unremarkable.

The unofficial colony that sprang up was small, numbering only into the thousands, but over the decades they had managed to build up a modern association of settlements grouped around a single fusion reactor, known as the 'core'.

It seemed like the perfect place to start over, but colonisation of distant worlds is not without its' hazards...

The Game

Dark Recall is a hybrid Graphic / Text adventure game set against the backdrop of the Hyden colony, as a natural disaster leaves the colonists scrambling to get off world before it is too late!

TeraIDE for UDK

Terabit Logo
An advanced development environment for the Unreal Development Kit
Leveraging the AAA 'Unreal Engine 3' from Epic Games™, UDK is freely available to developers of all levels, from one man indies to entire studios.

While the UDK level editor itself is intuitive to use, Unreal Script is historically a little harder to get to grips with.

What you need to develop your scripts faster and more efficiently is a good IDE!

TeraIDE can help!

Full featured IDEs for UDK are often expensive and difficult to learn how to use effectively.
TeraIDE, on the other hand, has been developed from the ground up to put all the features you need in one easy to use package, at an Indie friendly price.
  • Easy Installation via Wizard!
  • Beginner friendly, with power user features.
  • IntelliSense & Auto Complete for all Classes, Structures, Functions and events..
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Integrated Theme Editor.
  • Integrated Compilation, Warning and Error Highlighting.
  • Integrated Testing, Pause, Debug all in the code editor.
  • Set Breakpoints, even while running.
  • Efficiently step through code and see the results in real time.
  • Read variable values inline by hovering over them.
  • Fold away regions of code to make scripts easier to read.
  • Class Trees, Intelligent Class Templates,
  • Hyperlinked tooltips.
  • Manage .ini Settings in an intuitive tree and back out changes easily.
  • Fast! Multi-threading helps you get it done!
  • AutoComplete even reads Package Resources for you! Find the reference fast!
  • Written specifically for UDK.
  • Legacy Product - (free but unsupported).

Can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects


Tattoo 3D - Model Texturing

Legacy Application
(Note: The setup was created pre-Win7, so you may need to right click and 'Run as Administrator' to make it install.
It's old. It's free, you can now even use it in commercial projects without cost.
Download Setup (1.2 MB)

The Voran Incident - Kindle Book

Book Cover The Voran Incident

Aimed at readers from 10 years old and up, this kindle book tells the story of a lone A.I. the last remnant of a long forgotten race of sentient machines, which once again ventures into the galaxy when it receives a distress call from an alien ship.

But all is not as it first seems.

Can Voran find out the secret of the Archimedes before time runs out for its crew?

Check it out on the
Amazon Kindle Store!

OrbServer - VR Prototype

OrbServer - Steam VR Prototype

More coming soon...

CypherLock - VR Prototype

CypherLock - Steam VR Prototype

More coming soon...

Gorillas Go Bananas! - VR Concept

Gorillas Go Bananas - Steam VR Concept

More coming soon...

TeraTransfer - Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprint

TeraTransfer is a set of Utility Blueprints that make decorating your levels a snap. Auto Orientation and adaptive mesh creation are some of the features of this time and money saving blueprint set.

Find it in the Unreal Marketplace

About TeraBit Software

We Indie developers are an interesting bunch!

Having neither the resources, budget nor manpower to be able to create huge software to rival
the big names in the industry, we are in many ways just like a lone Ninja on a mission!

Ninja Head
(How do I look?)

Relying on speed, agility and a variety of more general skills to make our game
become a reality when the (kung-fu) chops are down!

So instead of Flip I have Visual Studio.
Instead of Dash I pull out Lightwave 3D.
Water Run is exchanged for Paint Shop Pro 7.
Vanish becomes Garage Band & Cool Edit.
Ninja Climb is replaced by BlitzMax.

Long live the Indie developer!

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